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Basketball Dunk



Western PA is nationally known as a football dominant community with little or no reputation for having an abundance of basketball talent. Due to the emergence of video games, substance abuse, and organized basketball, kids in this area are rarely playing pickup basketball in the gyms or on the playgrounds, like they do in large cities where these skills are naturally honed. There is little observable evidence that kids play anything outside anymore, thus the lack of overall athleticism and strength in our youth. In the past, strength, athleticism, and coordination were obtained through climbing trees, racing, hopping fences, riding bikes, and playing countless hours of pickup sports of all types.

Today, the game of basketball has become highly competitive and highly skilled. Kids who want to compete must have the skills and tools necessary to do so even at the middle school level. Solid basketball skills, a strong work ethic, and good academic grades will give a young player the opportunity to not only be a standout high school player, but to earn a free education as well. 3B’s Basketball Training offers that opportunity, while also reducing their risk of criminal involvement and/or substance abuse.


"In all toil there is profit, but mere talk tends only to poverty."

Proverbs 14:23


A player will miss 100% of the shots they don’t take. The reason most players don’t take those shots is; 1) a lack of confidence in their ability to score, 2) their lack of ability to create their own shot, or 3) their inability to get their shot off quickly. When a player can consistently put the ball in the basket, he/she becomes more confident, a value to the team and more attractive to college coaches. Our goal is to help our players consistently improve in becoming more efficient and confident scorers; with or without the ball. We want to increase the player’s basketball IQ and skill level to both shoot and handle the ball no matter what position they play; and to recognize scoring opportunities on the perimeter and in the post. To accomplish this, the player must improve outside shooting, mid-range shooting, and finishing at the rim consistently. When the player improves ball handling skills, their ability to get to the rim or create space for outside and mid-range shooting becomes easier.


“3B's Basketball has provided me with an amazing opportunity to work with Coach Rick and Kason. Their knowledge and love of the game show in everything they do. The instruction and drills have made me a better player. I highly recommend their program if you want to improve your game."

Nico M.

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